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We are a cooperative, founded in 1961. We have extensive business experience in a range of sectors. Our commitment to innovation and business development has been the basis of our evolution, which has allowed us to offer a wide range of products and services, divided into four business units.

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We are experts in design, engineering and advanced manufacturing across multiple sectors. We work towards diversification and business transformation, always true to our corporate principles. Therefore, offering the best service and improving the socio-business environment is what drives us every day.

  • 6 Productive plants worldwide
  • 500 ERREKA’s passionate workers
  • 1961 A company with history and experience
  • 4 Business units and areas of activity
  • 4 Sustained and responsible growth


“ We grow sustainably and through our customers, developing our business model based on industry and innovation. We are responsible wherever we operate, generating quality employment and sustainable development of the environment.”

Antton Tomasena


“ Integrating the management systems of the different business lines in the past and of the subsidiaries in the present allows us to be more efficient in the management of processes.”

Josean Markez

Management Systems Director

“ We are experts in both vehicular and pedestrian access management, with in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. Our proximity and extensive technical knowledge allows us to work closely with our customers on innovative solutions that best suit their access needs.”

Aitor Sotés

ERREKA Access Automation business director

“ ERREKA is an international cooperative group that grows sustainably on the basis of the profitability of its businesses, while maximising the value of its members’ contributions.”

Oskar Orrantia

Financial Director

“ Having internalised the revolution brought about by Industry 4.0 in terms of the automation and efficiency of our processes, at ERREKA we face the new challenge of Digital Transformation in order to remain close to our customers. Cybersecurity and people and their digital skills are already part of our DNA.”

Aitor Jauregi

IT Director

“ We add value to our global customers with a quality product/service based on proximity and collaboration. We offer security and reliability at competitive prices anywhere in the world.”

Javier Olaizola

ERREKA Plastics business director

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Our family are waiting for you with open arms
Join the ERREKA team
Our family are waiting for you with open arms

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