A history based on transformation

Since 1961, ERREKA’s history has been closely linked to change, transformation and continuous improvement, integrating new business units and opening new branches and production plants.

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Origin and take-off

Incorporation of Matz-Erreka, S.Coop.

In the early 1960s, a group of young people joined forces to set up a small bar turning workshop in Masterreka Street in Bergara. Inaxio Aristi, Lucio Aguirrezabal, Asensio Azkarate, Julián Alberdi and Ignacio Mª Basterra – who lent the premises, located on the ground floor of his house – worked at Talleres Elza, a company in this town dedicated to the manufacture of car parts, where they produced screws.




New horizons

Opening of a new business unit Plastics.

Shortly after Matz-Erreka moved to Antzuola, the cooperative considered the possibility of starting to work in another line of business other than fasteners, with the aim of creating more jobs and expanding the market; different options were studied, and the plastics business was finally chosen.




Expansion begins

Joining the Mondragón Group.

On 29 November 1969, Matz-Erreka signed the contract of association with Caja Laboral Popular, an event that would prove to be key for the trajectory of the co-operative, which from that moment onwards joined the business group that was being forged in Mondragón, and which has given rise to the current Mondragon Corporation.




The group continues to expand

Opening of new Automatismos business unit.

It was chance, or rather the ability to seize opportunities, that led Matz-Erreka into the automation business. In 1982, this new activity began with the purchase of a patent for the manufacture of motors for roller shutter lifts.




A new opportunity

Opening of new business unit Automatic pedestrian doors.

As a result of Matz-Erreka’s concern for incorporating new products, in 1994 the first steps were taken to start up a new business, Automatic Pedestrian Doors. The Automation business saw the opportunity to add automatic sliding glass doors to its catalogue. Some customers were demanding it and competitors had started to offer this product in their catalogues. After contacting the Italian door manufacturer Label, Matz-Erreka began distributing this product in Spain in 1994.


2001 – 2005


International openness

Opening of subsidiaries in Mexico, Czech Republic.

In Mexico, Errekamex was created in 2001 to supply plastic parts for some of our main customers. In the Czech Republic, Errekaplast was created in 2005, with the aim of supplying customers in Eastern Europe.



Grow up

Merging for growth

ERREKA Automatic Accesses is born.

In 2018, the Automations and automatic pedestrian doors business lines merged with the aim of providing a better service to the customer. A more complete service, with internal synergies and which makes it possible to continue leading the access sector in Spain.

Grow up



International Consolidation

Opening of a new production plant in China.

Finally, in 2019, a production plant was opened in Zhuhai (China), with the aim of introducing the ERREKA brand in the automotive sector in that country.


Focused on knowledge, collaboration with companies and technology centres in different sectors.

ERREKA is developing global access management platforms in different ecosystems.

Develop complete, complex projects in a range of sectors: designing manufacturability + manufacturing + logistics.

Develop turnkey projects to integrate solutions through connectivity and IoT.

Develop solutions linked to reducing maintenance costs and developing advanced digital services.

Develop combined offerings with higher added value for our customers.

Develop a distributed manufacturing network of complex components in a scenario of global value chains based on expertise and flexible production.


Capacity for development and growth through our customers.

Platform to accelerate innovative projects and new opportunities.

Develop biomaterials, embedded electronics, microfluidic injection, 3D printing, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, energy management, cloud development, etc.

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