Diversification and commitment to people are our guarantee for the future

Who we are

We are a cooperative enterprise, founded in 1961. We have extensive business experience in various sectors. Our commitment to innovation and business development has been the basis of our evolution, which has allowed us to offer a wide range of products and services.

We form a group under the ERREKA brand, divided into four separate business units with a high level of autonomy in their management, capable of having a growing presence in international markets.

Our commitment to quality, the environment and people’s health and safety has led us to work in accordance with the most advanced and demanding standards.

We are part of MONDRAGON Corporation

One of the most important business groups in Europe, consisting of over 100 autonomous and independent cooperatives, it is the number one Basque business group and the tenth in Spain.

Our MISSION is to enjoy making satisfied customers.


Under the ERREKA brand we share common values and culture that give us our identity.

  • 01. Commitment
  • 02. Trust
  • 03. Achievement
  • 04. Cooperation and teamwork
  • 05. Customer centricity
  • 06. Change orientation

People are the most important "differential value" for ERREKA. People considered as individuals with their own identity, with hopes, feelings, aspirations, needs, capacities, abilities and wishes.


We are proud of the evolution of our business project; in our years of experience we have been awarded various approvals and certifications.


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General Offices

B. Ibarreta SN, 20577,
Antzuola - Guipúzcoa

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T. (+34) 943 78 60 09
F. (+34) 943 78 71 79

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