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Harnesses for people

The harnesses that accompany each hoist are fully adapted to the characteristics of its user, according to their level of mobility and their specific needs.

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Our harnesses guarantee comfort and safety, making them the best option for the assisted person and the carer. They are designed and manufactured complying with the most demanding certifications to offer a varied and complete set to cover the needs of many people, in many situations and settings. Thanks to their anthropometric sizing system and the combination of materials, they offer: even more safety by offering access to the toilet, better care for the skin and greater ease of use for the carer.

Erreka harnesses fit like a glove thanks to the unique anthropometric sizing system that serves to optimise weight so that comfort is maximised. They have been designed with experts in back care, as well as occupational therapists, universities and hospitals that use our products Thanks to this, the best textile technologies have been used to make them so as not to damage the skin of the users and guarantee their comfort and ease of use.

Our harnesses have the CE quality seal according to the European directive for medicinal products EU93-42. They are manufactured under the strict EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality system, and in addition to including an extra review by two workers, each harness is stamped with a serial number to allow traceability.

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