Ceiling rails

Ceiling rails. Erreka’s robust rail system is flexible and complete. Thanks to its design, it provides the appropriate solutions to functional and ergonomic requirements, adapting to the building’s technical characteristics.

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H-shape rails

Our ceiling rails offer a flexible set of connections that allow us to cover any distribution, no matter how unusual it may be. They can be attached to ceilings or walls made from all materials and in locations with false ceilings, such as bathrooms.

Made from 6cm high lacquered aluminium, they offer the greatest discretion on the market and can be integrated into any style of architecture and decoration, thus avoiding them being an intrusive element in any situation.

Our reinforced ceiling rails offer safety, since they allow you to install hoists without fastenings of up to 6 meters thanks to their double fastening at each point.

Finally, the rail systems are also synonymous with comfort, due to the connections between the rails offering smooth transitions.

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H-shape rails
H-shape rails
H-shape rails H-systems give the option to completely cover a room, bathroom, pool, gymnasium or classroom.
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