230Vac residential and industrial electromechanical motor for sliding doors up to 1000kg, equipped with smooth, ultraquiet progressive start and stop.


  • Practical unlocking system with personalised key.
  • Obstacle detection to ensure safety.
  • High protection from water and dirt.
  • Can be used in all temperatures between -20/+60.
  • Heavy-duty motor.
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ERREKA´s Rino-I product Image

RINO-I electromechanical motor for residential, community and industrial sliding doors

230Vac RINO-I motor for high-use residential, community and industrial sliding doors up to 1000kg with inverter technology and LCD programming.

This motor is recommended because it maintains its speed by reducing closing speed and also because of its high usage factor. Allows closing speed to be programmed.

Technical characteristics

  • Power 230Vac.
  • Force 27Nm.
  • Locking.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Maximum door weight 1000kg in optimal conditions.
  • With encoder.
  • IP44 Protection class.
  • Built-in control board in the motor.
  • Magnetic limit switches.
  • Electronic soft stop.
  • Electronic torque control system by potentiometer.

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