ERTAIN model sliding door is prepared for heavy traffic situations, both in large stores (supermarkets, hotels, airports, hospitals...) and in small and medium sized businesses (offices, pharmacies, restaurants, general sales outlets...). The most outstanding feature is its ultraquiet movement in opening and closing, its dynamic stability, as well as its straightforward, quick installation. ERTAIN 4 is a compact operator for sliding doors easy and fast to install. The drive unit is set in a 870mm long profile and includes three subassemblies : gearmotor, control board and power supply unit. It fits to any measure of door with a tensor pulley unit and a teethed belt that it´s supplied in meters to cut it at the right length. It adapts to any door size through the strap that must be cut to the appropriate size and a subset of idler pulley with built-in tensioner. To the motorized set, an electric lock can be added as an accessory to lock the door in the closed position and prevent manual opening of the leaves. There are two optional command selectors to control the operator: DIG-SEL01 digital selector and rotary key selector ROT SEL 01. Both comunicates with the control board by CAN bus. This communication protocol allow to connect other devices that work with CAN open bus, as access control and other external devices.

Technical features

  • Motor power: ***
  • Free passage: 750-3000 mm.
  • Maximum leaf weight: 100–140 kg.
  • Maximum leaf thickness: 65 mm.
  • Dimensions: 135x165.
  • Quick installation system for the box profile operator by means of a special nuts system.
  • Extremely strong carrier fitted with three nylon wheels guided between safe tracks that prevent derailment.
  • Simple mechanism that makes maintenance tasks easier.
  • PC connection for a centralised door control or programming.
  • Battery powered anti-panic opening system (in case of power supply failure).
  • Motor force control system with automatic reversion for users' safety.

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